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Verified provides an accurate, comprehensive toolset for visual documentation and diagnostics. The ability for medical professionals to include detailed visual documentation, alongside electronic and written patient records, represents a revolutionary step forward in patient care. Increase the profitability of your practice with real-time collaboration, improved diagnostics, and a better patient care pathway.

Verified provides a standard for visual documentation: in cases of trauma, domestic or child abuse, motor vehicle accidents; any medical modality that requires visual documentation as part of the electronic record.

In diagnostics, Verified enables physicians to securely share high-quality photographs with colleagues in real-time: improving collaboration, reducing diagnostic errors, and reducing wait times to see specialists.

As an adjunct to the written word, Verified represents a breakthrough in the patient care pathway.

Benefits to Patients, Benefits to You


Doctor/Specialist Referrals

Reduce the response time when referring to specialists using real time, secure messaging.

Improve Diagnosis

Faster patient diagnosis through images and description. Monitor conditions over time with images.

Reduce Patient Waitlists

Triage patients, shorten waitlists, prioritizing urgent cases and reduce unnecessary appointments.


Secure transfer of documents

Send documents, images and data securely rather than using email/fax/text..

Encrypted Data

Your images and data are encrypted to maintain privacy.

A Secure Network of Professionals

Share and collaborate with a secure network of healthcare professionals and trusted advisors.

PIPEDA & HIPAA Compliant

Maintaining strict compliance with the latest data protection Acts.


Collect missed referrals

Generate paid referrals that were previously missed and unbilled.

Collaborate with Specialists

Two-way consultation with Verified is billable under Telemedicine billing codes.

Communicate with your Patient

Receive images from your patient and bill under new Telemedicine codes.

How Verified Medical Helps Health Care Practitioners

Benefits to Health Care

Verified Network Inc. | Benefits to Health Care

Security & Privacy

Securely capture, store and transmit sensitive patient data using the latest encryption and security protocols.

Reduce Wait Times

Streamline the consultation process with real-time communication and help to improve wait times for patients. Triage consultation referrals and focus on patients that need it most.

Improved Patient Diagnosis

Collaborate in real-time with specialists to improve patient diagnoses.

Increase Billing

Realize missed revenue using e-Consultation codes for virtual care billing.