BC tech firm to provide those affected by Fort McMurray fire complimentary access to their technology

In an effort to contribute to the long recovery process after the wildfire devastation in Fort McMurray, a Nanaimo-based technology firm is to provide complimentary access to their mobile and web-based application to all residents, businesses and any others affected by loss or damage in the area.

Verified just got bigger!

Great News for Verified customers! We are proud to announce the release of Verified v1.3 for iPad and iPad Mini.

Combine the power of up to 3264 x 2448 pixel resolution built-in camera (iPad Mini 4) for high-quality photos with the larger footprint of the iPad and iPad mini device for the ultimate visual documentation solution. Verified is already used in automotive dealerships and bodyshops on larger footprint devices for reliable data and photo capture.

Automotive Service Use Case

We often visit our customers and work with them to fully understand their workflow and gain insight into the use case for their business. This week, we visited Harris Oceanside and followed them through the process of documenting a vehicle check in and service call. The process called for a quick vehicle walk around using Verified to document the vehicle condition as the vehicle was checked in. We then followed the service technician in the service bay as he did a brake inspection, highlighting the condition of the calipers to send on to the customer.

Just how simple is simple?

Verified is one of those apps that people understand straight away. When we talk about Verified with clients, you can see the lightbulb go on and they soon tell us how they want to use the app, rather than us telling them! This short snip of video shows the process in just 20 seconds. It's an overview of a case study we recently carried out with a large trucking firm. The process identifies additional work to be carried out during a routine service and within 3 minutes, the photos were shared with the client and approval granted on the job!


Coming up in Release v1.1 Mobile

Verified is constantly improving, as we add new features and functionality to enhance the user experience and provide integration in their work flow. Our next release (version 1.1 for mobile) has a number of features and improvements that will help our users get more from their apps. Our development roadmap has a number of key functions that are mapped out over the coming months, with major releases coming out every few weeks. We also take feedback from customers using the product and integrating new functionality that helps Verified as we enter into new markets.

Verified partners with Ricoh to provide a rich management system

Ricoh G800SEVerified recently partnered with Ricoh, a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial cameras, to provide a feature-rich back end management system for images collected in an industrial environment. Using the Ricoh G800SE rugged camera, we created a dynamic interface that allows the consumer to capture images from the Ricoh, and integrate them seamlessly into Verified for management.