Verified | Secure Visual Documentation, Simplified


Verified® | Secure Visual Documentation, Simplified.

Secure Visual Documentation Platform

Management of your photos and data has never been easier with the secure Verified Web App. Using the highest levels of web-security, the Web App provides an interface to your photos, video and data from any web-based device.

Search And Discover

The Web App gives additional power to your data, with the ability to search and sort your data quickly and easily using built-in tools. Create custom fields, tag, order and manage your albums, assign categories and even share with others through a simple interface, designed with you in mind.


Our secure collaboration tools allow you to select individual photos and albums and share them with trusted individuals, within and outside of your network. Select from pre-defined lists of contacts or simply enter an email address to share them quickly and easily outside of your networks. Photos are not transmitted by email, instead we send a secured, tokenized link to the photos and data that can be set with an expiry date for extra security.

Create Reports

A powerful report engine gives fast access to web reports that compiles all aspects of your data and photos. Create reports on the fly or choose from a suite of pre-defined templates to generate dynamic, eye-catching reports that can be saved as PDF or Word documents at the click of a button.

Configure Your Verified Experience

You can manage all aspects of your Verified experience through a simple administrative interface that gives full management over the Verified products; from the creation of user accounts, configuration of context tags and categories to your secured distribution lists; with direct auto-sync to your linked mobile devices.