Verified Network Inc.

Our Story

Verified Network Inc. has four main products available as Software as a service (SaaS) to end users. In 2013 the Company created a mobile and cloud-based platform for the automotive industry to document, using images and metadata, vehicles being checked in for service at car dealerships. This early version of the Verified platform enabled the user to capture images through an iOS and Android mobile application using a smartphone or Ricoh digital camera. As images were captured, data was associated with the images captured through custom fields within the application. This data was linked as metadata to the original image and could be used to categorize and tag the images for later analysis. Data captured within the mobile application is encrypted and transferred to the cloud servers where it can be accessed through a web interface.

Following the success of Verified in automotive we took the same product to construction with some leading commercial construction companies who adopted the technology to accompany their project management team in capturing construction projects throughout the process, and creating customized reports.

By 2015, we realized that Verified had benefits in healthcare, with secure capture and sharing of image data. We branched our development with a new product, Verified Medical. Verified Medical was built on the main Verified platform with a new iOS application and increased privacy and security protocols. This pivot in focus allowed us to concentrate business development resources into healthcare while supporting automotive and construction clients.

Early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the healthcare landscape, with many physicians seeking digital technologies with which to meet and communicate with patients. The Verified team created the third product in our offering,, a secure web-based teleconferencing platform specifically designed for use in healthcare with stringent security protocols in place.

Our Company Roadmap

The Verified Story so far

Driving Verified   |  Our Vision, Mission and Values

Verified Network Inc. | Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be recognized as the universal standard for secure, confidential management and collaboration of sensitie and private data.

Our Mission

To provide cost-efficient softare solutions that solve real-world problems through community and industryu partnerships.

Our Values

To be ethical, honest and efficient.