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Contact Tracing

Verified Tracing

As part of the Verified pandemic response plan, our team crafted a mobile and web app specifically designed for contact tracing. Our initial app, Verified Tracing, allows for individuals to track their movements using their mobile device, logging GPS co-ordinates in an encrypted fashion within our secure database engine. As locations are recorded, the individual is notified if they are in proximity to a centre of known outbreak or exposure - possibly a restaurant, school or gym.

In addition, individuals have access through our web portal to view their movements up to 20 days prior, creating maps and route plans that can be used to assist in contact tracing by health officials should the individual test positive for COVID-19 or a COVID variant.

Verified Tracing | Pandemic solutions for healthcare

From Tracing to Tracking

Following the success of the Verified Tracing technology and to open the application to a wider audience, Verified launched a variation of the App on the Apple stire called Verified Trackback.

Using similar encrypted tracking technology, Verified Trackback is designed for outdoor recreation - from running, walking and hiking to cycling and driving - tracking your routes and providing detailed route plans overlaid on maps for you to access through the Verified Trackback portal.

In addition, Verified Trackback provides in-app health metrics so you can track your distances, speeds and other health attributes directly in the app.

Verified Trackback | Activity Tracker