drCalls.me | Secure Video Conferencing for Healthcare Professionals


Secure Video Conferencing for Healthcare Professionals

More than a video call

drCalls.me is a complete video conferencing platform built specifically for healthcare professionals with a suite of tools to help track patient charts, share and store documents and images and track crucial billing. Packed with features, drCalls.me takes video conferencing to the next level and all with the highest level of encryption and security.


  • Secure 2048 bit encryption in each session
  • A dedicated video conferencing room for each session
  • Integrated video calling between participants
  • Integrated text chat between participants
  • The ability to upload and share files securely within your session
  • Record option for doctors to record their video call
  • Download facility for video calls, reports and billing information
  • Appointment Scheduling, reminders and SMS alerts
  • Billing Code Management
  • Call Case Notes can be recorded during your call and added to your billing record
  • Multiple download functions to download billing reports to your desktop as a report or data export file
  • * Integrated data sync with Verified Medical to automatically upload shared documents, audio and video files into your Verified Medical account.
  • * With valid Verified Medical account. See verifiedmedical.ca for details.

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