Retail Management

Verified is the perfect retail management app. Combining the ability to get up-to-the-minute visual communication from your stores helps you:

  • Drive brand consistency,
  • Improve store cleanliness
  • Manage inventory

The Verified App uses secure communication and collaboration tools to help dispersed teams manage their workflow. In a retail context, this allows Divisional Managers to monitor and work with a large number of locations from one central point.

Here is an example:

A retail store manager has just received the latest branding package from head office. In it are several decals, window displays and point of sale collateral that all need to be used in accordance with the company brand standards, in a particular place within the store to maintain the brand integrity that the store chain is known for. The store manager can set out the new marketing materials and, using Verified, take a few simple snapshots of the store that are instantly shared with their Area Manager.

After a quick review, the area manager notices that one or two pieces have incorrect placement. A simple message through the Verified App and the store manager is aware of the error, corrects it and lets the area manager know. A simple, painless process that occurs in almost real-time, allowing the area manager to concentrate on stores that need more assistance, and allowing the store manager to continue with her day.

The following video shows how Verified works in a retail management context, saving time, ensuring branding is consistent and allowing centralized reporting for all stores.