Verified is more than an App, its a complete enterprise-grade system that brings together popular technology and platforms to help you collect, manage and store your visual documentation.

The Verified Mobile App is available for the iOS and Android platforms, and gives you immediate access to capture and collect data and photos. You can easily categorize your data, add notes, even share the photos and data with friends and co-workers using a secure mobile application. Download the App for iOS from the Apple Store and for Android from Google Play on your device.

The Verified Web App is your one-stop-shop to view and manage your data. Organise, sort, display and share content easily using your management console. Create stunning visual reports, share your photos individually or by group with trusted partners or by email at the tap of a button.

Verified NetSync is your secure link between your corporate data servers and the Verified cloud. If you need to retain a copy of your photos and data on your local drives, then Verified NetSync provides a simple solution. As new content is added to your account, the Verified NetSync automatically mirrors your data in a file structure on your Local Area Network.