Verified® NetSync

Verified NetSync is a dynamic windows based service that you install and run on any local server or desktop computer. The service automatically detects new content in your secure Verified cloud storage and syncs it with your local disk architecture.

For example, if you capture a sequence of photos and data with the Verified App and set your Album, Category and SubCategory information, NetSync transposes that image data into a localised folder structure on your chosen machine or network drive.

Verified NetSync copies your data and photos to your local file server

Verified NetSync is ideal for customers who need copies of the photo data on their local network, maybe for procedural purposes or to have immediate access for upload into a third party portal such as ICBC or a management system. NetSync can only be run with the correct configuration, including a valid Verified User Account.

To find out more about the Verified NetSync product, please contact your account manager or the Verified Support team at