Verified® Mobile

Verified Mobile is an easy-to-use tool to quickly capture photos and other data with secure communication and sharing tools built in. Download the App from either Google Play (Android phones) or the Apple Store (iPhones and iPads). The App is free to use with a valid Verified account.

Our Mobile Apps provide a simple interface to capture as much information as you need, whether you are capturing photos from a construction site, patient appointment or car repair, need to save them to a secure server or share the content with other employees in your company or your customers. Verified is as complex as you want, and as simple as you need, helping to improve efficiency and streamline workflow, while leaving you free to concentrate on important jobs, safe in the knowledge that your photos and data are ready to use when you are.


Simple capture and collaboration through a secure cloud

Where can I download the Verified Mobile App?

Click on the links below to download the Verified Mobile App for your devices.

Get Verified for Android Devices Get Verified for Android Devices from Google Play

Get Verified for Apple DevicesGet Verified for Apple Devices from the Apple Store