Verified® at Home, Work and Play

Verified's versatility also applies to your personal day-to-day activities too! If you need a secure way to capture, catalogue and share your photos, then Verified is the answer. 

Using the powerful capture capabilities of your smartphone, Verified allows you to set important information and data that relate to your photos - at the point of capture - so you can be sure that the photos you take are categorized and tagged in a way that makes them easy to find and share with your friends. By capturing information as you take the photos, yuo save yourself hours of time sorting and arranging photos in your files. How many times have you been looking for 'that special photo' and had to search through hundreds of photos that all start with the same IMG_ or DSC_?

Verified stores your photos in albums that you create; for example:

  • My Summer Vacation 2016
  • Our New Baby
  • Grandma's 80th Birthday
  • Our New House

Your albums can be shared with family and friends at the tap of a button, they don't even need Verified to view your photos. Your photos are encrypted, and private. You share them only with those you trust and can be assured that you own the photos and data. Still feeling happy about sharing your photos on public networks for the world to see? Verified is a simple, easy-to-use, secure platform to capture and share photos.