Home & Business Asset Documentation

Visual Documentation could have impressive implications on the insurance industry in both Canada and the United States. With insurance fraud costing Canadians several billion dollars a year, and Americans nearly $40 billion, requiring photographic proof of assets and condition could significantly reduce fraud. This could decrease the cost of premiums paid by policy holders as losses decrease.

Verified Value

Verified provides substantial value to home and business owners through accurate documentation of assets. This documentation ensures that when disaster strikes, photographic proof and condition of assets and property is available. With the average home insurance policy costing $840 annually and business insurance significantly higher, return on investment is high.

Verified allows for full photographic documentation of buildings, content and individual assets, providing an accurate visual record that can be used to prove ownership and condition, should a loss arise. This greatly helps residential and commercial policy holders in their claim process. Verified uses banking and healthcare industry level privacy and security (HIPAA, PIPEDA) to protect the integrity and authenticity of the visual record.

Benefits to the Insurer

Verified offers the insurance company and underwriter significant value to improve their business and provide mutual benefit to the insurer/underwriter and to their clients. This includes:

  • Streamlining and shortening claim processing timelines.

  • Provide access for policy holders to create asset inventories.

  • Prevent soft fraud - photo's are geotagged and date-stamped to ensure that items photographed were taken at the location and time indicated by policy holder.

  • Empowering the insurance company and underwriter if the insured chooses not to take inventory of their home.

Benefits to the Insured

When a loss occurs due to unforeseen circumstances, the most important step is to start rebuilding. The rebuilding may be financed through an insurance policy payout. Issues can emerge where the policy holder cannot accurately identify what has been lost or the condition and value of those items. This information will allow an adjuster to establish what will be repaid in the absence of proof. Some of the challenges that a policy holder may face in the event of a claim include:

  • Proof of ownership for claim

  • Identifying items that have been destroyed or stolen

With the Verified platform, the insured is empowered with:
  • Faster settlement times

  • Security of legal records

  • Assisting in estate planning and management

  • Security and peace of mind

  • Work pro-actively with the adjuster and insurer to process claims