Industry Overview

Verified is uniquely positioned to allow for easy integration into existing workflow. This allows for flexibility in different industries, from construction, automotive, medical, insurance and retail management. One tool, many possibilities.


All aspects of a client build can be documented from start to finish, sharing photos and data securely with your client, project managers, site supers and subtrades all at the tap of a button. 


Verified is used in various automotive service and collision centers as the preferred tool for capture of vehicles at drop-off and walk around, through the repair process to final delivery to the customer.


Verified has successfully completed a medical pilot, sharing patient photos and data between the GP, specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Verified is able to securely capture and transmit sensitive medical imagery between stakeholders, creating a secure environment for diagnosis and patient referral.


As a photo documentation tool, Verified can be used to capture valuable insurance details - from New Home Warranty and home inspections in the construction industry, to home-owner asset documentation for insurance claim purposes.


As an evidence gathering tool, Verified helps retail chains monitor brand consistency and helps regional managers monitor stores without routine visits.