Verified® Healthcare

Verified provides an accurate, comprehensive toolset for visual documentation and diagnostics. The ability for medical professionals to include detailed visual documentation, alongside electronic and written patient records, represents a revolutionary step forward in patient care. Increase the profitability of your practice with real-time collaboration, improved diagnostics, and a better patient care pathway.

Improved Patient Care

Verified provides a standard for visual documentation: in cases of trauma, domestic or child abuse, motor vehicle accidents; any medical modality that requires visual documentation as part of the electronic record.

In diagnostics, Verified enables physicians to securely share high-quality photographs with colleagues in real-time: improving collaboration, reducing diagnostic errors, and reducing wait times to see specialists.

As an adjunct to the written word, Verified represents a breakthrough in the patient care pathway. 

Benefits of Verified in Healthcare

Verified offers physicians, specialists and other medical professionals a unique toolset that helps to:

  • Securely transmit patient photos and notes
  • Reduce wait times
  • Refer patients faster
  • Improve diagnosis techniques