Features of Verified® - Under the hood

Verified is more than just a mobile App, it's a suite of enterprise tools that provide the very best in secure visual documentation. There are many components to Verified - some that you see and some that you don't - that go together to make a secure and robust solution for small business to enterprise customers.

Verified uses the same level of security as online banking to handle the images and data you collect. Each photo you capture is encrypted and resides within the mobile app until it is securely communicated to our cloud servers. Your photos will never appear on your device photo roll and there is no chance that your Verified photos will accidentally appear on social media with your personal photos. It doesn't end there though - your data can only be accessed through our secure web app, using credentials and authentication tokens we give you. Security is a number one priority - it matters to you and it matters to us.

So what about storing those photos and data?  We know it's secure, what about the number of photos and how are they physically stored? Well, in short we don't save photos how you might expect us to. Your digital camera or phone probably stores photos using a basic naming convention, maybe DSC0001.jpg or IMG1518.jpg. You might even rename them to something like mom-and-the-dog.jpg. All of our photos are stored using a unique hashed filename. There is nothing that can link the physical stored photo to your data. For example, if Mrs Jones had her arm photographed for a skin lesion, we wouldn't want to ever be in a position that someone could identify Mrs Jones (or her ailment) by the photo or EXIF data. So in this case, Mrs Jones's photo might be called SDJHASD65F87234KSDFH.jpg. Your Verified system will cross reference the data you hold on Mrs Jones with her photos and re-link them when you want to view them. Simple, but effective.

You manage your photos through the mobile and web apps. The web app provides a lot of functionality to help you organise and manage your photos and data, and even securely share those images with trusted connections. You can't email the photos as an attachment, but we let you download them if you need to. Check out the Verified Web App page for details about the Web App and how it works.

Finally, Verified was always intended to be a collaboration tool. Our mobile platform is robust and secure and can integrate with many third party systems. If you have a management system, CRM or database that you want to link to, then speak to us about our integration capabilities.