Managing your Data

Whether you take a handful of photos or several hundred every day, managing them is easy with Verified!

The Verified Web App provides a comprehensive interface to organize, sort and share your photos in just a few clicks. Data captured in the field, including any notes, categories and tags, is quickly available to help sort and organise your photos into albums that make sense. The ability to share comments and notes with trusted people in your organization and external partners provides a powerful tool to engage with others while maintaining the confidentiality and security of your content.

Data is organized according to the Albums you create, or defined by custom fields and your own structures. Your photos can be organized by several criteria, including date and time, location, album, category, subcategory and tags. We also have a search facility that helps find those photos when you need them most - you can search for any photos by name, album, category, subcategory or tag and even search within the notes you created when the photo was captured. Find out more about managing your photos on the Verified Web App page.