Secure Storage

Verified is used in many industries where sensitive data and photos are being captured. We pride ourselves on having robust storage facilities that allow for vast quantities of images and data to be stored in a secure environment. Our data servers are located on Canadian soil, at our data centre in Toronto, chosen as it is away from known earthquake zones. Our data centre provides us and our customers a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) then ensures redundancy and backup in the event of power failure or catastrophic event.

Access to our storage servers is through two-part authentication, with full audit logs of transactions and events to ensure the integrity of the data we hold. Our storage is cloud based, and we understand that some people may be wary of cloud solutions - that's why we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of security and redundancy available.

When you need big, think Verified!

As a photo documentation platform, we are prepared for large volumes of data. An image can be just a few kilobytes to several megabytes in size and video files can be as large as several gigabytes. To accommodate this our servers have been specially chosen to grow with our customers' needs. They will increase capacity to hold any volume of data we send to them. This means our customers can be confident that we will deliver the level of service and storage they require regardless of how big their needs become. All the Verified plans have an option to scale up to next level of storage capacity.