Collaboration and Sharing

Instant notification when photos are shared with you

Capturing photo documentation has never been easier than with the Verified Mobile and Web Apps. Getting those photos to your trusted partners is just as easy.

Connections allow for Instant Sharing

We know security is important, so each contact has to authorize that they will receive photos from you, and all data is transmitted securely using encrypted data transfer. Establish secure connections with other Verified users through the Web App, then select those connections or your colleagues directly from your mobile device and share the photo documentation you are capturing in an instant.


As a Verified user, you receive a notification in your mobile device showing that you have an alert pending. You also get a secure email link that will take you straight to the shared content. 

Track your interactions

Build an audit trail for projects, share and communicate securely while in the field for instant results.

Annotations and Comments

Improve communications using your photos and photo data that has been shared with you through text comments and annotations, easily added in just a few simple clicks.