Verified® partners with Ricoh to provide a rich management system

Ricoh G800SEVerified recently partnered with Ricoh, a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial cameras, to provide a feature-rich back end management system for images collected in an industrial environment. Using the Ricoh G800SE rugged camera, we created a dynamic interface that allows the consumer to capture images from the Ricoh, and integrate them seamlessly into Verified for management.

The Ricoh G800SE is a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled device that has wide use in automotive, logistics, government, healthcare and emergency services. With a built-in barcode reader, it fits nicely into the automotive and auto collision sectors, offering Verified customers the ability to scan the vehicle VIN number, create a photoset on the fly from a work order number with many more applications. The seamless data integration allows for images to be pre-categorized and grouped on the device before upload to the Verified management system.

The G800SE has an ultra low light sensor allowing for image capture in extreme conditions and also uses the latest in Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) for faster wireless transmission speeds and enhanced enterprise wireless security. The camera also offers text and voice input for added ease-of-use.

Chief Operating Officer of Verified, David Ransom said "Partnering with Ricoh has provided a unique opportunity for Verified customers to adopt our platform using technology specifically designed for harsh environments. We look at the partnership with Ricoh as being of mutual benefit to both companies as we develop the Verified platform."

Verified offers the Ricoh G800SE camera to customers at $795, fully configured with the Verified platform. Payment options and lease rates are available.