Introducing a new way to sync your data

Verified is a great cloud-based storage solution for your photo data, but what do you do when you need a local copy of your images? Perhaps for integration into a third-party system, upload to a central server or simply for peace of mind; Introducing the Verified NetSync.

Designed to run as a software solution, Verified NetSync is a simple application that can be run from your desktop computer or back-office server to automatically synchronise your photo data from the Verified Cloud Server. Copies of your photos are magically transfered to a drive of your choice, and stored in a folder structure that matches the way you categorized your photos at capture. A simple solution that gives you full control over the source images on your local drives.

Example use case

You capture photos and context data using the Verified Mobile App and upload it to the cloud storage. Your business often sends photos to your corporate headquarters to show work undertaken, or provide evidence of a customer claim. You could send these photos via the Verified website, or if you want to simply drag and drop them into your corporate management system, you could sync your local computer drive with the Verified Cloud.

Verified NetSync - How It Works


How can I get the Verified NetSync?

The NetSync software is available by subscription. Speak to your account manager to add the NetSync to your Enterprise account. The Verified NetSync is also available on a NetSync Server, a simple plug and play server option that connects to your local network. Hardware and software are preconfigured by our technical support team, ready for you to plug in and go!