Coming up in Release v1.1 Mobile

Verified is constantly improving, as we add new features and functionality to enhance the user experience and provide integration in their work flow. Our next release (version 1.1 for mobile) has a number of features and improvements that will help our users get more from their apps. Our development roadmap has a number of key functions that are mapped out over the coming months, with major releases coming out every few weeks. We also take feedback from customers using the product and integrating new functionality that helps Verified as we enter into new markets.

What's New in Release 1.1 Mobile?


  • Version 1.1 for the mobile (iOS and Android platforms) include the following features:
  • Improved download and signup for new users
  • Changes to the configuration settings for the App - control how the app operates and set your preferences
  • View your albums and photo sets by title as well as in a photo reel
  • Group images by category
  • Changes to the view modes for photos shared with you and photos you have shared with others
  • Updates to the in-app notification system 


We're always adding more functions to the product, so if you have something we should be looking at, why not subit it to our support team at Your idea might be the next feature we implement!