Automotive Service Use Case

We often visit our customers and work with them to fully understand their workflow and gain insight into the use case for their business. This week, we visited Harris Oceanside and followed them through the process of documenting a vehicle check in and service call. The process called for a quick vehicle walk around using Verified to document the vehicle condition as the vehicle was checked in. We then followed the service technician in the service bay as he did a brake inspection, highlighting the condition of the calipers to send on to the customer.

Verified has a built-in communication tool that enables the user to send photos using a secure link to anyone inside or outside their network. This case study required that the photos be copied from Verified into the Dealership Management System (DMS) and the internal, branded communication tool be used to contact the customer.

The images were copied from Verified using the verified download tool, and attached to the DMS work order. This maintains a live copy of the image within the DMS that can be accessed by anyone within the dealership. Images are also available to the DMS communication tools, allowing for quick and easy attachment to customer emails.

Have a look at the process and see how Verified has become more than a photo documentation app and grown into a full integration tool.