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Automotive Service Vehicle Check-in

Explore the benefits of VerifiedVerified has successfully integrated into many aspects of the automotive service and repair industry. Recently, we incorporated Verified into a large dealership network, using Verified to document the lifecycle of the vehicle work order from vehicle check-in through service and warranty repairs to final inspection and delivery to the customer.

Scouts Canada Case Study

We recently deployed Verified to document a large Scouts Canada event on Vancouver Island. With youth and leadership coming from all over the Cascadia Area, Verified was used to document the activities and 3 day camp held at Camp Caillet, Nanaimo BC. This was one of the first uses of Verified in a non-enterprise situation and our team were keen to find out how the software would work and capture the essence of the event.

Adding Value to a Work Order

One of the uses cases that verified has idenfitied is the ability for a business to increase the sales value for a particular job or work order. We recently partnered with a local trucking company that regularly maintains commercial vehicles for clients. The job order may be for a specific part replacement, regular routine maintenance or service. Verified was used to enable the service technician and mechanic to communicate additional work items with the customer to increase the value of the individual sale and to deliver better customer service, while the vehicle was on site.