iOS Version 1.5 Release Notes

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            for Apple Devices (Version 1.5)

Verified is proud to announce the release of version 1.5 to the Apple Store. Filled with exciting new features that enhance the customer experience and enable you to carry out your work faster. Check out the list of new features and items covered in this release, then download the latest version from the App Store and get started.

Let's get started!

Our customers asked for a quick overview of the App, so we've built in a few screens to help you and the App get to know each other. Swipe through our intro screens and hit the ground running.

Custom Labels

Did you know that we can create field labels for your Mobile App that match your workflow? Change the appearance of the context data screen with your own labels. For example, Album could be renamed to Customer Number, Work Order, Project, ID Number and more. You decide what makes sense for you and your staff. Talk to us about Custom Labels in your account.

Fast-Shoot to Albums

Our customers asked for a quick way to add more photos to an existing album and we listened! Now you can shoot to an existing Album by tapping the Shoot To icon on the Album screen. Taking photos just got faster!

Hide what you don't need

We've cleaned up the interface so you can easily show or hide empty albums. De-clutter your mobile experience by hiding empty albums and show them only when you need them.

Know where your photos are going

We've added breadcrumbs on the camera screen so you can see where you are shooting to. The breadcrumbs help you organise your photos as you move from one part of your workflow to another. Never lose photos again, just follow the breadcrumbs!

Faster Search & Sort

You need to locate your photos quickly so we enhanced our search and sort functions to give you more power and the ability to quickly filter photos to meet specific criteria. A few taps and you have all the photos you need in the palm of your hand.

Enhance your workflow with Custom Fields

Photos are important and so is the data behind them. Our customers asked for ways of capturing other data in the field, data that can be used for reporting and to give each photo in your Album greater context. Version 1.5 includes the ability to view and use custom fields on the Mobile App. Set up your fields in the Web App Administration section and have them immediately available on all your mobile devices. Capture important data in the field and enhance your workflow.

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