Verified® Use Case for Insurance Claim Adjustment

Verified is an ideal tool in the Insurance Claim Adjustment process. Removing the need for a digital camera and manual forms, Verified offers a consistent photo and data capture process to streamline existing workflow and reduce administrative overhead.

Claim files can be created within the Verified App, or pushed to the App by your existing claim processing systems through our comprehensive API. The claim file could be the claim reference number, customer name or address and is used as the container to gather visual documentation of property and assets by the adjuster. Using our mobile App on Android or iOS devices, the adjuster can take detailed notes and capture images in a few taps. Photos can be tagged and categorized as part of this process, helping retrieval and reporting later. All photos and data are timestamped and geotagged providing a verified record and ensuring that photos used in the claim process are authentic.

Photos can be instantly communicated from the claim site to the processing centre, team lead and even customer through our secure interface. Once shared, photos and data can be commented on and a dialogue created that remains with the photos.

If the Adjuster needs to visit the property more than once, he/she can select the claim reference they were working on and continue, adding photos and data to the file, sharing and commenting as appropriate.

Minimizing Risk with Verified

In the case of an insurance risk assessment, the inspector is able to photo document and communicate areas of concern with their customer and/or the underwriter for the policy. For example, during an inspection a trip hazard or other risk items may be identified in a commercial property. This hazard can be documented using Verified and instantly communicated to the property owner securely. Once the hazard has been identified and the customer has remediated the area of concern, the customer is able to capture photos and securely communicate this information to the inspector. Upon receipt, the inspector can analyze the photos and if further photos and evidence is necessary, can securely communicate with the customer through the Verified App, requesting additional photos - perhaps from a different angle. All data and photos captured in the App can be used to generate a report through the Verified Web App. Reports can be customized to reflect your company branding and workflow.

Plug and Play

Verified has been built with a REST API framework that is available to our customers. With minimal integration coding, the data and images captured through the Verified App can be securely transmitted and stored within your internal systems. Data can be pushed to Verified from your internal systems, helping to pre-populate claim file references and policy details, or pulled from Verified to populate your internal systems.

Security and Privacy

Verified is designed to maximize security and ensure that the photos and data you capture are secure. We use high levels of security encryption to protect your data at the point of capture, transmission and storage. Verified uses Canadian-based servers located in non-earthquake zones with additional redundancy to further protect your data. Verified is also used in Healthcare where we are compliant with stringent security protocols.


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