Automotive Service & Repair

Verified offers a unique combination of robust in-shop capture tools, back-end photo management and integration that helps automotive fixed-operations managers drive performance, track progress and ensure they are covered when it comes time to warranty audits and shop damage claims.  Documenting optional repairs and maintenance and using photos to communicate with customers also drives per RO revenue increases:

"The Verified platform is an essential tool for any automotive fixed operations department. The ability to pre-categorize, tag and share photos with colleagues and customers has simplified and streamlined how we use photos daily at our dealerships. Verified brings the photos right to our DMS making warranty documentation and customer quotes more comprehensive and convincing. From walk around inspections to warranty documentation to customer quotes, the Verified platform increases our RO revenue by .1 to .3 hours per RO and improves customer satisfaction and engagement. It provides peace-of-mind for quality control and warranty audit for my fixed operations department."

Lou Monjo, Fixed Operations Manager, Harris Oceanside Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.

Benefits of using Verified:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by engaging them with visual evidence of repairs
  • Generate additional revenue per RO with increased up sell
  • Avoid questionable shop damage claims by documenting vehicle condition at check-in
  • Reduce time spent on OEM warranty audits through well documented warranty repair