Who we are and what we do

Simplify your daily workflow - add to your bottom-line

Verified is a powerful integration tool to capture and manage photo documentation as part of your business workflow. Define context data, categorize, tag and share photos with your business and external networks at the tap of a button. Privately Collaborate in real time using Verified sharing and bring employees, sub-trades and customers together in one safe and secure platform.

Verified is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile platform. Simple to use, yet powerful and efficient! We have taken popular, next-generation, technology and adapted it to fit business workflows, allowing companies to easily and effectively manage high-volume visual data and link it to existing management systems.

Our Company started in 2013, with a concept that we could improve workflow and provide efficiencies in the automotive collision industry. Our initial beta development focused on automotive and securely capturing and sharing digital images with co-workers and external contacts. We grew through several iterations of the product, until we reached the launch of Verified version 1.0 in early 2015. Since then, we have grown in clients and market share across several industries. Verified is available on the Apple Store and Google Play for FREE download.